Nic Fuller - Zodiac (Maxi Single)
Release 28.10.20

Extremely stoked to welcome Nic Fuller from the UK to our team of artists. Debuting with his Maxi Single "Zodiac", containing 3 versions of the track, the original which is a stunningly produced Electro  Vocal House vibe, and two remixes one by our Psychokinetic which is more Progressive in style and the third by Kat  So which has a definite Melodic Trance/Techno Vibe typical of Kat So.
All in all, a stunning maxi Single with something for any electronic dance music lover.

FunkEnergy - Red Lips (EP)
Release 14.10.20

Another new addition to the UPUK Family, FunkEnergy from Italy adds a touch of organic Funky Break Beat to the UPUK catalogue with his debut release Red Lips.
A superb EP, consisting of 4 excellently produced tracks, from the first track "Coucher de soleil à Saly" with a magical afro almost tribal vibe and topped with some lovely classy vocal chops, to the second Reggae stylie sounding "Beautiful Liar" . Track three the Title track of the EP "Red Lips" a smooth jazzy sensual vibe with some sexy sax licks thrown in and last but not least, the awesome Funky vibe of "Put the Needle on the Record" with it's jazzy organ chord sequence and old skool rap.
A magical collection that's worth a listen and will bring some warmth to your collection.

Sandro Dessi - Good Life (Maxi Single)
Release 30.09.20

UPUK Records welcomes another top class Artist/DJ/Producer to our ever expanding family. Sandro Dessì from Italy, debuts for our label with his release Good Life. A three track EP, featuring No3mi (Vocals) on the title track Good Life a beautifully created and mixed melodic Deep Tech House vibe with the amazing voice of No3mi, somewhat reminiscent of Grace Jones, Track 2 "Time To Love" a smooth and velvety Chilled Deep House sound which would also fit nicely in a cinematic film score or soundtrack & a remix of Time To Love by our very own Kat So, pushing the bounderies of chilled vibe more towards an Ethnic Trance Style with a stunning percussion breakdown.

Bowlah - Who Do It (EP)
Release 17.08.20

Bowlah is back with more Deep and Jazzy sounds.
“Who Do It” the EP is a collection of four beautifully produced tracks, a small but potent soundtrack for any time of year, Deep & Minimal, Techy & Organic, Bluesy, Jazzy, Funky and most of all House. Adding to the UPUK catalogue some classy club vibes and sparkling set openers in true Bowlah Style.
A must have in any DJ collection.

Back To Ibiza Club and Lounge Guide Vol 1
Release Date 01.07.20

The first of what we hope to be many Compilations.
Ibiza Club and Lounge Guide, is a selection of tracks by the staff here at UPUK Records. Including UPUK Artists and non.
Definitely a superb sound track to accompany you through your summer vacation.

Claudio Fiore - Nine (Album)
Release 19.06.20

UPUK Records celebrates 6 months since the launch of the label with our first Album release. Claudio Fiore with his latest album instalment, "Nine". Following on from his last album, Eight released in 2016 on the German Label Ultrasonic Music. He  follows his usual style of a mixed genre album giving something for everyone. This album comprises very much of house styles, Deep House, Prog-House and Chill-House. But as usual Claudio has some little surprises up his sleeve with some chilled ambient tracks and Psy-trance. There is definitely something here for most sets… So dig in and enjoy.

Tektonnica - Hardwired (EP)
Release 11.06.20

Tektonica is back bringing you his next new EP “Hardwired”. Getting you ready for the summer months and club season with four great Tech-House and Prog-House tracks to take you through summer. A definite summer vibe here with a touch of progressive tropical house, tech-house with a banging dance beat, club sounds and summer beach vibes. Get these into your sets to get your crowds moving.

This Human Condition - Telepathic Heights (The Remixes). Release 04-06-20

The original “Telepathic Heights” by This Human Condition released as a single in June 2016, was inspired by the 2011 riot in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, UK. A crowd of approximately 300 defending the squat and another 1,000 were caught up in the mayhem after a raid by police on the squat commonly known as Telepathic Heights.
This Human Condition’s original conveys the emotion felt from the resulting chaos and disorder of the situation.
Telepathic Heights - The Remixes consists of four excellent revisited versions of the track, a somewhat eclectic collection which offers a different insight and perspective from each Remixers point of view from Progressive House through Techno to Trance this small but powerful collection of remixes covers it all.

BOWLAH - Saaaufend
Release 28-05-20

Summer is approaching and for those of you lesser fortunate peeps who maybe can't get to go abroad how's about a quick trip to Saaaufend... London's Ibiza...?
The new release from Bowlah, Saaaufend is a Deep & Trancey vybe, somewhat reminiscent of the Saturday late night drive from London to Southend for Tea, Donuts and a night of fun on the pier. You can hear all of Bowlah's background dating back to the 80's Brit Funk and club era. The use of instruments like the Rhodes and Hammond coupled with a more up to date deep house vibe, define this artist's sincere musical character and personality which is well on the way to becoming a sort after sound.

Kat So - Numbers (Chapter 1) EP
Release 21-05-20

The first of many releases for this awesome and very talented Producer/Keyboardist from Italy capable of producing multi-genre, electronic dance music at the snap of a finger.
Numbers (Chapter 1), is a collection of three synth- based, (as is Kat So’s signature), energetic tracks, not quite Trance and not quite the hard-hitting  dark sound that most people expect from Techno, the tracks border on what we would call “Melodic Trance” but with a distinctive 90’s Italian House Club Vibe. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

MARTIN COVILL - Prometheus
Release 14.05.20

Martin Covill debuts with his track Prometheus for UPUK Records.
A superb Classic Trance track at 138bpm, you can definitely hear Martin’s musical influences here.
Almost orchestral in its structure and sound, a beautifully arranged and produced piece with a stunning uplifting vibe which will fit perfectly in any Big Room, club Trance set and could also work as a cinematic theme for a film score.
Top class sound from this aspiring artist/producer from the UK, who we are excited to welcome to our team.

THE VENUSIAN - Life Changes
Release 14.05.20

Welcoming The Venusian from Spain to our team of Artists/Producers with his debut release “Life Changes”, a beautifully created, deep and chilled Dub-Techno track.
Velvety sounds that flow easily over a deep rhythm and bass line.
An overall smooth and silky vibe, perfect for the coming summer months, this sound will fit perfectly in any ambient, chillout, deep house set on the beaches or in the club, cocktail and wine bar environment.

CLAUDIO FIORE - Holistic View (Maxi Single)
Release 07.05.20

UPUK Records brings you Claudio Fiore's second release "Holistic View" the EP.The EP consists of three superb mixes of the track Holistic View taken form Claudios forthcoming album "Nine" due for release 19.06.20, and includes the original Deep House version from Claudio Fiore, The Oldfield Remix by Quint S Ence in his unique style of deep house, and a chilled ambient mix from Claudio Fiore. Cool vibes for the club, lounge and any party.

Quint S Ence - Tang Oh
Release 30.04.20

Quint S ence makes his debut for UPUK with  “Tang Oh” this beautifully crafted piece of Ear Art with an underlying Argentinian Tango feel, which will undoubtedly conjure up images of passion and sensuality. Recognised for his ability to incorporate authentic ethnic grooves and sounds into his eclectic style, the authenticity of the Tango Vibe makes this track a true gem and you can definitely hear all of the musical expertise that this unique Artist has to offer.

Release 20.04.20

Psychokinetic is back with another fresh tune. Bringing his funky origins back into the mix with this Funk-House instalment. Enjoy Come Back, a perfect addition to any club-party mix!

BOWLAH - Summa Dat (Gimme Da Beat)
Release 02.04.20

Bowlah offers the second release on UPUK, Summa Dat (Gimme Da Beat).
A massive Funky House track with more of those nice breakdowns unique to the Bowlah style.
Almost Retro 90’s sound with a gorgeous deep bass and some lovely vocal chops thrown in.
This one is definitely one for the spring and would go down perfectly in any club set.

SOME-E - Finale
Release 19.03.20

Some-E debuts with his track "Finale" a spectacular symphony of synth sounds, although software based which he masterfully manipulates with true expertise and artistry, both technical and musical, Finale certainly doesn’t lose the analogue retro flavour for which Some-E is becoming well known. A genuine Acid/Goa Trance, dance floor classic which will have you and your audience, if you're a DJ, throwing your arms up in the air in no time.

CLAUDIO FIORE - Dreamstate
Release 02.03.20

Claudio Fiore is on board with UPUK Records, bringing you his signature Deep House sound in his new label debut release, Dreamstate, the first single from his forthcoming album 'Nine'.
Getting ready for the chilled Ibiza summer? This is definitely a chilled deep house tune for the beach, wine bar or just anywhere!

Release 27.02.20

For his second release with UPUK, Psychokinetic brings us a touch more of Tech-House, this will certainly be a crowd-pleaser in any club and Tech party. Erring slightly on the edge of Techno, this tech-house with deep and solid bass will have your dance floor pumpin' and your crowd jumpin' till the early hours of morning.

TEKTONICA - 3am Tequila
Release 13.02.20

Tektonica brings a latin-funk feel with a pure Tech-House beat to our selection with this awesome track, we could call it funky-tech-house, although we prefer not to categorize our music. Whatever you want to call it, it will have you boppin' in no time.

BOWLAH - Awrite
Release 13.01.20

Bowlah adds to our collection with this beautifully crafted track which has all the trimmings of that Jazzy be-bop style from the  late 50's early 60's, nicely blended over a smooth house beat. One for all the House Heads out there who also appreciate Jazz.

PSYCHOKINETIC - Movement in Tech
Release 16.12.19

Psychokinetic brings us a top hard style techno track to christen the UPUK Records family. This hard hitting club techno track is one for all the Techno DJ's out there. Great as an opener or mid flow set. This is going to get your crowd kicking.